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Our Knightshade® recycling process is very easy to set-up and use at your facilities.

  • You can order online one or more nicotine-containing product collection containers, each including a liner and zip tie (the Knightshade kit), for collection of expired, returned, damaged or recalled nicotine-containing products
  • Personnel will fill the collection container with allowable nicotine-containing products for recycling
  • A pre-paid return label and a tracking barcode are already provided and adhered to each collection container
  • When a container is full, use the tie to close off the liner and tape close the container flaps. Give to UPS / FedEx based upon which carrier you choose when ordering
  • When Knightshade receives a container back for recycling, it will be weighed and have data taken to create your certificate of recycling
  • The nicotine-containing product will be de-packaged and disassembled in preparation for nicotine reclamation
  • Usable nicotine will be recovered and marketed for use in manufacturing new smoking cessation products
  • Packaging will be recycled





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