Acknowledgement of Restrictions

Please acknowledge that you have read and agree to each of the following conditions to continue with your Knightshade nicotine recovery box order:

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1) Products are NOT shipping from the following states (program not available):

2) Products for recycling originate from a commercial enterprise (not residential)

3) Products are unsold or expired materials and are NOT used

4) Products do not include prescription-type items such as inhalers

5) Products will be shipped within original inner packaging/containers, such as blister packs for gum (no loose materials or poured liquids)

6) Leaking items should be transferred into a good container prior to shipping in the Knightshade bin

7) Outer packing may be removed from around the products, but inner packaging (what is touching the product) should remain on

8) Cannot be used for gloves or other protective gear, spilled/absorbed materials and other non-products


New York Restrictions

This "c7" form (doc) (pdf), which informs the state that you are taking advantage of a recycling option for nicotine instead of using hazardous waste, can be filled out in the highlighted areas and submitted. The form may be emailed or faxed to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, according to the instructions at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: g2 and Knightshade are not responsible for your business' compliance with local, state and federal regulations. This form template is being provided as a courtesy only. g2 recommends you evaluate your business compliance obligations, if any, including with respect to any hazardous waste regulations that may apply.

For more information, please contact us.

Why Should I Buy?

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Knightshade is a proprietary recycling process for national or regional retail store chains to properly manage expired, damaged or recalled over-the-counter smoking cessation products containing nicotine such as gum, patches, lozenges, e-liquids and e-cigarettes.


Nicotine Recovery Bin

Dimensions: 10"x10"x10"

Capacity: Approx. 10lbs of products

Each recovery bin includes:

  • Pre-paid return label affixed to box
  • Plastic liner and zip tie for expired, returned, damaged or recalled products

Please note: US states only. This program is not available in Alaska, California, Hawaii, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota and Vermont.

New York customers:Recycling of nicotine requires additional paperwork to be completed and filed in your state. Please click here for the required New York paperwork.




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